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More about Salt & Sky

Salt & Sky was formed in 2013, grown from the Cornish folk music community and inspired by the lively tradition that we had joined. Since then, we have been given a warm welcome playing for dances and festivals across Cornwall.

Salt & Sky is a creative partnership – all of our arrangements come together as we are inspired by ‘new’ finds in the ever-growing Cornish folk tradition and play with the rhythms and melodies, fitting them together with our own new songs and tunes to create something completely unique. Emma is brilliant at creating strong rhythms support the music and get feet tapping – she also brings a much-needed love of simplicity! Lizzie is great at developing complex harmonies and has an ear for things that shouldn’t sound good, but do… Together we create music that is great for dancing and for listening.

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Cornish traditional music

There are loads of good sources online for traditional Cornish music. Here are some of our favourites:

Kesson: Cornish music portal selling all styles of Cornish music. Kyt’s tunery is a brilliant source for tunes.

An Daras: Online collections of Cornish songs and tunes online as well as a shop with many more resources.