Lowender Peran: our top fives

Lowender Peran is over for another year. We had a brilliant time playing, singing, dancing and making new friends! There was far too much fun to mention everything that we did but here are some of our favourite memories from the weekend, in no particular order:


  1. Organised Fun!
  2. Looking at a sea of smiling faces as we sang our songs
  3. Morvoren dancing a kabm pymp out of the blue
  4. “Warm up gig” (our practice that turned into a session) with Matt, Pol and the others on Friday night
  5. Introducing myself and discovering the Cornish Oafs already know who we are!

  1. Trying out the tea chest bass after the brilliant Rubber Band gig
  2. The lady that joined in the Saturday night session with clogs on the chair legs
  3. Our impromptu Friday night session – good singing, guys!
  4. Chuckling to myself for a long time afterwards over our version of Lamorna
  5. Too much dancing

Thanks again to all our friends old and new who were able to come over for our gig, it was such a pleasure to play for you!

At Lowender Peran

At the Sunset Bar. Photo by @ScootsKernow on Twitter